How to Create more success by creating an ideal workspace!

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How to Create more success by creating an ideal workspace!

26 FEB 2017

Posted by: Arun Nagegowda. Category : Vastu and Feng Shui

How to Create more success by creating an ideal workspace!

Your Desktop Feng Shui for Business Success

People know that making their space more functional and clutter-free can open themselves up to all sorts of opportunities. (If you didn’t know that – well now you do!).

Feng Shui is a practical science of our living space. Although it has been used for thousands of years (and historically only accessible to a select group of people), today feng shui is practiced all over the world and across of variety of cultures, businesses and resident types.

The wonderful thing about feng shui is that you can use it to modify and enhance your whole home, a corporation or even a whole city. But conversely you can apply the same principles to particular areas of your home and even down to your busy home office desktop!

You don’t need to add dragons or frogs or funny looking items that culturally have no meaning to you! You can easily add gorgeous, meaningful items that appeal to your aesthetic while at the same time energizing your business and your life. (Hint: You probably already have everything you need you just need to move them around a bit.)

The feng shui map called the bagua is the main tool you’ll see consultants used in feng shui and you can overlay it to any area in your home to help promote supportive and beneficial energy.

Now let’s take it and overlay it onto your desk.
Imagine you sit down at your desk and place this right in front of you… where the career is nearest your lap.

Wealth & Prosperity:

To invite more abundance and wealth into your life, place a healthy plant or a symbol of wealth in this corner. Plants symbolize growth. Do not use cacti or plants with sharp edges. Find a plant with lovely rounded edges or even a money tree. You can also place objects or images that represent wealth to you or something that you hope to afford once you’re abundant. Have some fun with it – pain some rocks a beautiful gold shade and keep them in a crystal gold to symbolize the abundance in riches you’re after.
Location: Upper left

Fame & Reputation

Boost your reputation by focusing your accomplishments here. You can have a name plate, awards, credentials or a recent positive review. This is also the perfect place for a lamp or candle! This area is enhanced with the color red or a fire element so bringing that energy to your desk in this area will boost up your fame quotient.
Location: Upper middle


If you’re in a business partnership you can enhance this relationship by placing a picture of the two of you in this area of your desk. You can also help promote your love relationship by placing a photo of your honey in this corner. It’s the ideal location for a lovely vase of fresh pink/red flowers.
Location: Upper right

Family & New Beginnings

Keep pictures of your family here to boost your familial ties. It’s also a wonderful place to promote new projects you may be working on or want to work on. Add something made of wood or the color green to enhance and promote new beginnings.
Location: Center left


This area symbolizes your health as well as the health of your business. Keep it clutter free and tidy! It’s easy to have piles of stuff in the middle of your desk as you work away building your empire but it needs to be as clean as possible! You can add earth elements to enhance including rocks, stones or earthen items.
Location: Center middle


Ready for a boost in creativity? Place items here that inspires you. This is a perfect place to keep your notebook or journal to capture your aha moments. Boost the area with items made from metal such as gold, silver or copper.
Location: Center right

Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

This is the perfect place to keep a stack of books that you refer to often. Are you ready to learn a new strategy or simply increase your knowledge? Are you looking to improve your mindset and boost your self-confidence. Keep your favorite reference books and notes here.
Location: Bottom left

Career & Life’s Journey

Front and center! This is the perfect place for your computer since most people these days use their computers in their career. To further enhance your career have an image of water as your screensaver to boost abundance of opportunities.
Location: Bottom center

Helpful People

You don’t build a business on your own! Allow for more helpful people to enter your life by keeping your appointment book, calendar, client files, phone and list of people you want to connect with here. If there is someone you want to meet who you believe will be helpful place a picture of them there too.

Location: Bottom right

This may seem like a lot of items that you are placing on your desk – especially when I stressed the notion of being clutter free. But these items need not be large and often they are objects you already have on your desk but could be utilized in a different place to boost the energy of your business.

Remember any changes you make, make them with intention and you’ll see the results you desire!

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